We sometimes need extra funds until we get paid? Our on-demand salary access product is designed to give you access up to 80% of your net monthly salary.

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Instant access everyday

A virtual atm to your salary, when the need arises

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No Interest Rate

No Interest rate charge or collateral required.

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80% Salary Access

Up to 80% of your salary is instantly accessible 24/7

For whatever's ahead, we're with you.

Takes the waiting out, gives you the control, your WageX salary wallet lets you withdraw cash up to 80% of your salary to take care of your financial obligations

    We keep it simple, no paperwork

    We are transparent, no hidden fees.

    Your data security is a top priority.

Apply and get access through your Money in Minutes Account

How it works

Money when you need it with Money in Minutes

Step 1

Access your membership by completing your registration and creating your profile.

Step 2

Meet your needs and goals with a loan disbursed into your account in minutes.

Step 3

Control your financial wellbeing by repaying your loans on time or early to enjoy even more benefits.

Solving problems and changing real lives.

The loan platform is unique, one of the best I have ever seen in my entire life, their processes are world-class, in fact, I will continue to refer money in minutes to friends and family.

- Princess Ogeh

You guys are so amazing, I applied and got paid in minutes.

- Lawal Abdulhamid

Wow you guys are doing a great job

- Rockson Ateli