Loans 2 Go launches Zero(0%) daily interest Salary advance for Everyone


Zero (0%) daily interest Salary advance for Everyone

WageX by Loans 2 Go, a Nigerian fintech start-up, launches the first-ever zero(0%) daily interest salary advance, to help employees meet financial emergencies; a day-to-day problem. 

Low and Medium income earners are generally excluded from affordable credit, exposed to predatory lending and high-interest rates, or completely excluded from financial services which is a strong impediment against financial stability and economic growth,

“at Loans 2 Go our mission and most important objective is bridging this gap by making affordable finance accessible to the underserved segment in Africa.”

Loans 2 Go CEO George Badejo-Adegbenga 
George Badejo-Adegbenga, CEO.

Employees spend 65 to 80% of their salary in the first 1 week of getting paid, exposing them to financial stress and risk when they have emergencies, alternatively, they have to take loans which take more from them than they get. To solve this problem we have developed WageX, a zero (0%) interest salary advance tailored to help you as an employee or your employees meet financial emergencies with instant access up to ₦200,000 before payday.

Fundamentally, when employees experience financial instability it sometimes leads to low productivity, absence from work, and in extreme situations fraud or theft for employers who now don’t have to reject salary advance requests from their employees anymore; through WageX, they can now help their employees meet their needs. 

“We are building through our group of top-tier consumer finance experts, innovative modules & products, to deliver affordable finance for the underserved African population”.

Loans 2 Go CEO George Badejo-Adegbenga.

WageX is designed in the full view of our mission at Loans 2 Go, giving your employees not just access to zero (0%) salary advance but a credit improvement system to help them achieve better financial stability and lifestyle. When you make a request, your bank account gets credited in under 5minutes after approval, and you only get charged a one-time 5% mark-up fee with no additional or hidden charges. 

WageX is a complete experience of stress-free and affordable finance, you are free from collaterals, providing a guarantor or paperwork. To use WageX, you simply open an account, select your employer from the list of employers, or help facilitate the onboarding of your employer if your employer is not on the list. After signing up, your employer verifies your account, you make a salary advance request and upon approval, we disburse immediately.

WageX is available on all platforms, you can download the WageX app on Google play store for android devices or The App Store for IOS devices and you can also access it online at