Books You Should Read If You Are Struggling With Money


If you are serious about reaching your financial goals, then it’s important for you to stay enlightened and motivated. Your goal here should be to read books that help you stay on track with money, investments, savings and so much more.

To make this easier, we will focus on books written by Nigerian authors as you are bound to find them more relatable compared to books authored by foreign writers.

Reading helps you grow and learn in ways that might actually surprise you. According to a study by Thomas Crowley, 85% of millionaires who are self-made read at least two books per month. The research showed that millionaires read books that encourage self-improvement.

Regardless of whether you’re already a millionaire, a billionaire or just working your way towards your first million, below are some books you should read if you find yourself struggling with money. These books are designed to take you closer to financial wellness and stability.

1. Dangote’s Ten Commandments on Money

AUTHOR: Peter Anosike

In this book, the author, Peter Anosike delves into details of how Dangote became one of the world’s richest men. Dangote’s “Ten Commandments on Money” answers several questions on how Dangote achieved this feat. That’s not all. The book is written in a way to help you make, grow and manage money.

Dangote was recently listed by Bloomberg’s top billionaires’ list as he emerged the 96th richest person in the world, with an estimated worth of $14.8 billion. Based on the current exchange rate, Dangote has an estimated worth of N6.1 trillion (at the official exchange rate of N414 to a Dollar).

2. Money Won’t Make You Rich

AUTHOR: Sunday Adelaja

The book, “Money Won’t Make You Rich” was authored by Sunday Adelaja and it examines the subject matter of money from a biblical standpoint. He explains that when you have a solid grasp of God’s principles about money and finances, it puts you in a position where you can control money and the other way around.

With a touch of inspiration, the author delivers a blend of financial advice, a guide, his personal experiences with money as well as what he calls biblical truth. He then goes on to touch on subjects like the nature of poverty, making money work for you, the meaning of prosperity, reasons for financial failure as well as what he calls the principles of continuous success.

3. The School of Money

AUTHOR: Olumide Emmanuel

In the book, “The School of Money,” the author, Olumide Emmanuel takes us through the process of creating wealth as well as how to develop and execute business ideas whilst riding on the principles of pragmatism.

If you’re keen on breaking out of living from paycheck to paycheck, this is one you should read as the author pays particular attention to wealth creation.

Olumide Emmanuel is a life coach and motivational speaker with a reputation for mentoring entrepreneurs and the book makes quite an interesting and enlightening read.

4. 1000+ Practical Business Ideas and Directory of Money Sources

AUTHOR: Sunkanmi Vaughan

There’s a natural gravitational pull that comes with a book that offers over a thousand business ideas and this is one of the things that makes the book, “1000+ Practical Business Ideas and Directory of Money Sources” quite special.

The author, Sunkanmi Vaughan goes ahead to deliver over 1,000 practical business ideas; some of which might actually surprise you. It is a well-researched book and one of the things that makes it easy to read is the fact that it is well written.

The business ideas discussed in the book cut across several sectors of the economy. Whether you work 9–5, you’re still job hunting, just finished NYSC, just lost your job, looking for an additional income stream, you will find something in there for you.

In addition to business ideas, the book also dedicates a section to ways to get funding as well as ways to protect your business idea.

The author is a pharmacist , speaker and consultant with strong ties to the University of Lagos.

5. Skills That Pay the Bill

AUTHOR: Emi lyalla

If you have a soft spot for acquiring skills in today’s competitive climate to improve yourself, then consider Emi Iyalla’s book, “ Skills That Pay the Bill ‘’ a must-read.

The book is all about self improvement and relevant skills that can mark the difference between where you are and where you want to be financially, which gives it an impressive appeal.

Emi Iyalla is a life coach and the founder of Skillworks, a Nigerian based skills analysis and training firm. He often writes on global skill trends as well as their impact on individual and national economic progress.

Final Thoughts on Books You Should Read if You Are Struggling With Money

Whether you are still in the university/polytechnic, fresh out of NYSC, working a 9–5 job, just lost your job, thinking of quitting your job or not interested in a salary-paying job, these books will open you up to opportunities and take you closer to financial stability.

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